eps.1.7_wh1ter0se.m4v Mr. Robot Quick Review

Tyrell wellwick caricature expressing fear.

When a narcissist is uncovered and weaknesses are discovered, one will do anything to avoid persecution.

In episode 7, we saw a revelation of Elliot’s past and his family. Without getting into any spoilers, this episode was a major game changer.

In this episode, we better understand previous scenes of conflict, intervention, and meetings. Sam Esmail, the director of this show has done a fantastic job giving the viewers hints on what’s about to come. It’s perfect foreshadowing and I wish other shows followed this type of direction. So this is the reason this show stands out from all the other shows.

If you have recently started watching this show, make sure to pay attention to the details such as the interactions between the characters. Also, don’t be tempted to skip episodes because each episode is unique in many ways and character development is crucial just like any other film.

If you’re not convinced to watch this show, you should change your mind because Christian Slater’s performance is very important in this show. You’ll be amazed at how good he is at keeping his “cool” and guiding Elliot through tough times. I can’t go into details too much because that would ruin your viewing pleasure so make sure to check out this show because it’s the best show of the summer.

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