North Korea Changes Time Zone

State news agency KCNA said “wicked Japanese imperialists” had “deprived Korea of even its standard time” by changing the clocks during occupation.

North Korea isn’t the only country to change their time zones. Countries such as Venezuela and Samoa have changed their time zones so they could improve communications with other countries. There are legitimate reasons to change time zones but North Korea has different reasons.

First of all, North Korea is mentioning the Japanese controlling Korea and how they occupied Korea during that time period. However 70 years have passed and now North Korea is making changes? Even some experts are calling this change surprising.

This story is more than just mentioning the liberation from Japanese forces. It’s about separating from Japan and Korea so that Kim Jung-Un can feel more unique about his country. Maybe it’s another propaganda ploy but I’m not sure if this has any effect on the residents of NK.

Also, there isn’t really an organization that can prohibit NK from changing their time zone so we’re only here to criticise them. I just feel that North Korea is going to fall off the map if they continue to make moves like this. It’s almost like entering a different dimension due to the change in time zones.

I want your opinion on this issue. Is this change important or is it another absurd move made by the dictator?

2 thoughts on “North Korea Changes Time Zone

  1. South Korea had done it too in the past for the same petty reason. I heard in the news that some people in SK these days want to change their time zone again…

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