Is Pee-Proof Paint Counterproductive?


The city of San Francisco is testing out a paint that will repel liquids. It is a type of paint that is hydrophobic and according to the director, it will spray back at the person relieving himself, potentially hitting his clothes or shoes.  This will be done to combat public urination and to cut down on steam cleaning expenses. Therefore, the city will save money in the longterm.

There are lots of people who agree that public urination is an issue and they probably want this change to happen quickly. Apparently, fining hasn’t worked out in the City of San Francisco so they resorted to this option of painting pee repellent paint.

Not only is this happening in San Francisco, the project has been experimented in Germany.

This change will help save money but with that saved money, the city should install more public washrooms. Homelessness is the issue, not public urination.

What is your opinion on this latest experiment and do you think it’s productive?

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