White People – MTV Documentary Short Review

The title is straightforward but it’s also vague at the same time. You’d expect a documentary on minorities due to all the injustice happening in America but it’s focused on what people classify as the “perpetrators”. If I were to add to the title, I would add, “In America”.

It’s an interesting documentary and that’s the part that doesn’t turn you off. Sometimes it’s a little weird but there’s nothing that’s out of the ordinary. Some statistics may be shocking but it shouldn’t be surprising. Importantly, minorities are also shown in this documentary so both sides are expressed.

There may be awkward moments where people are struggling to find words. There are also times when people are being factually incorrect but that’s what the show is about. It’s about talking stereotypes and who’s victimizing who. One can see this film as a blame game.

Basically, this documentary is giving white people a chance to talk. it sounds a little weird because you think that white people already have the chance to voice their opinions but this film focuses on the subjects that are uncomfortable.

This documentary was only 40 minutes long and after the 30 minute mark, it got a little stale. One reason for that was because it was predictable. Don’t get me wrong that it’s an interesting film but it’s really predictable. It’s just like a stereotypical action film. You might watch the film for the cool explosions and silly dialogue but it lacks in storytelling. So that was what it felt like in this short documentary.

My Verdict: You can watch this film but don’t worry if you don’t finish it or even reach the half point. You won’t miss anything important.

I’d give it a 6.5/10

3 thoughts on “White People – MTV Documentary Short Review

      1. I’ve noticed that lately MTV is trying to put out more of what one could call “educational” content. Good for them. Maybe they got tired of being known as the Jersey Shore channel 🙂

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