Commercialization of Hip Hop – Fetty Wap

A satirical sketch of Fetty Wap wearing an apron.

Just like any form of entertainment, producers are making easy money from the commercialization of rap.

Networking tools such as vine and Facebook are on the mobile devices of almost every teen.

While the line between reality and fantasy in the sexual realm is pretty clear, hip hop is starting to become a problem especially within teens.

Just like an appealing commercial, mainstream songs are often the only thing that make it out onto the headlines. Unless you’re a journalist researching for a story, most people are going to listen to the songs that have the most appealing beats or catchphrases. And with those catchphrases and messages are the taboo subjects.

Teens are instantly hooked to that type of stuff. I’m making some general statements so this doesn’t apply to every teen. I’m just saying that they’re susceptible to these types of messages about trivial pursuits.

Some may find my viewpoint too conservative but when in comparison to people like Bill O’Reilly who have criticised the hip hop community for “thuggish” behaviour, my opinions seem liberal.

Now onto my opinion on the rapper Fetty Wap. So basically my summary on the rapper is really brief because he’s basically a one hit wonder. A rapper that jumped on the mainstream bandwagon with a catchy song and later, networking tools such as Vine caught onto him.

His popular song, “Trap Queen” had about 20 million views when I first viewed it and that was when no one at school really knew about him. A few months later, the video garnered over a hundred million views and that was when kids started to play the song in public. My frustration built up and it became the last thing that I wanted to hear. At the same time, it was funny seeing people follow the song like mindless robots because some students never understood the message.

It’s a simple message glorifying drugs and money. There’s obviously more to it than that but that’s the essence. Anyone who objects to that can comment in the comments section.

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