YYC Turkish Fest


Turkish folk dancing, spiritual performances, traditional food and drinks made this festival worth visiting. Lately, I have been interested in Mediterranean culture so I decided to explore and I was surprised to see that there was a local Turkish fest.



The designs and styles of Turkish ceramics were intricate, colourful, and appealing.

Whirling Dervish Performing

Some performances were religious as a remembrance of God. Applauses were held till the end to show respect.

Windsor Turks

There were also traditional folk dancers. Contrary to the religious performances, applauses and cheers were important. I have never seen Turkish folk dancing so this was the first time and I was pleased. The choreography and dancing style was really enjoyable to watch.


Last but not least Turkish pop music. There was nothing too special about the pop music but it was interesting to listen and it gave me a break from Western contemporary music.

Overall, it was lively, interesting, and fun. I would definitely go back for more traditional folk dancing, entertainment, and music.

7 thoughts on “YYC Turkish Fest

      1. I’ve actually never had Turkish coffee but I’ve heard it’s good. Thanks for the recommendation! I am going to look for a Turkish fest in our area. Turkey was the featured country at our europefest this year and now I am inspired to find out more. (Always about the food!)

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