American Donuts – Ariana Grande

Sketch by Shane

I think we’re all guilty of saying embarrassing things in our private lives. We probably had surveillance cameras catch us doing stupid things but who cared about us?

With the latest story of the donut licking, some aspects of the story have been blown out of proportion. While the “licking” of the donut might be punishable, saying things like “I hate America” is not.

During that split moment when Ariana blurted out something offensive, she most likely didn’t have time to think about those who didn’t have the financial stability to eat healthy. She might have a tendency to speak without thinking. Who knows? She’s privileged and she could afford resources to help attain a healthy lifestyle if she wanted to.

At the end of the day, donut licking is unacceptable but commenting on America should be allowed(but you still have the right to criticise her).

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