Protesters & Thugs


Isn’t the point of protests to cause inconvenience? How else is a group going of people going to rally for attention when some countries need a permit to protest in public?

Also, by associating different demographics as “thugs”, police are going to respond accordingly. I don’t think the police in Paris had military vehicles when the Anti-Uber protests occurred. On the other hand with Ferguson, the police departments requested for military vehicles and weapons.

I think it depends on the country that you’re protesting in. Some countries are less inclined to ban protesters and some countries are the opposite.

I think it boils down to the state of the government. Governments that are more stable seem to allow more freedom. It’s self explanatory after that point.

What’s your stance on how police respond to protests and I also want your opinion on the Anti-Uber protests.

2 thoughts on “Protesters & Thugs

  1. I’ve been involved in many protests over the years. Most were peaceful, although some were disruptive. In some cases, the police attacked what had been peaceful, and sometimes non-disruptive, protests–although in fairness, in many cases they didn’t. They’re response very much depends on their interpretation of the demonstrators. If they decide they’re dealing with thugs/dirty hipppies/ wild-eyed reds/fill in the blank any way you want, they’re likely to be far more aggressive.

    At times, a handful of demonstrators have themselves been violent. People get frustrated and tell each other that breaking glass will accomplish something. It seldom does–or at least it seldom accomplishes anything positive–but they do at least get to hear glass smash and feel like heroes for five or ten minutes.

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    1. Yes, interpretation does matter. There was a recent poll of Americans interpretation of protests due to skin colour. This type of mindset must carry over to police as well. Thank you for sharing your insight and experience, it’s much appreciated.

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