For Those Who Love Japan – Collage


Here’s a Scion themed collage for those who love cars.

This is one of the few collages that I have made. Let me know how it looks.

Have a great week!


7 thoughts on “For Those Who Love Japan – Collage

    1. Japan is a pretty cool place. With so much content to put on, I had to organize the page into quadrants. I started out with the biggest pictures and placed one in each quadrant. Then glue and stick. The most powerful thing about collages is the layout so balance is crucial. All of the pictures that I have used were from a magazine so it’s also important to choose a good source.

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      1. That’s amazing glue stick work. Thank you for the explanation. It looked so neat I thought you’d done it in an image editor. You’re right though, having a good source is important and so is having luck on your side. x

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