Uncovered Statistics

Although putting an exact number on how many passports get stolen a year is challenging, the statistics that are going to be shown identify the amount of passports lost and roughly the amount of people identified as frauds using modern technology.

This information is pretty inconclusive because there could be passports still in the black market or thrown out but it gives a good idea of the high demand for passports. There are approximately 60,000 passports reported lost or stolen annually in Canada alone.

America checks their database of stolen passports nearly 250 million times a year, getting over 60 000 hits.

Including 2 passport frauds in the Malaysian airlines flight that went missing less than a year ago and 10 frauds in the 2010 air India flight to Mangalore that overshot the airstrip and nose dived off a cliff.

Now after saying that it is inconclusive whether or not it was the people with false passport that caused these events, it is just something to take into consideration. Although passports currently seem to be unstable at best, work is being done to prevent the issue using a type of holographic e-passport.

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