Pay Your Student Loans to be Able to Drive

If we obtain car insurance and have the qualifications to drive, I’m pretty sure that we should be able to drive.

There have been some cases of suspended driver’s license due to unpaid college loans in Iowa and Montana, according to AAMVA.

Thousands of hours and public safety resources are wasted for non-driving related issues. While there are real issues such as speeding and drunk driving, 7,594 hours are being spent by officers to investigate non-driving related problems. Now that is a misuse of taxpayer money.

Not being able to pay your student loans might correlate to financial instability but with about 71% of students having about $30k of debt in Iowa, it has become the norm to be paying back student loans. Americans aren’t the only ones suffering financially, Canadian students also have debt, if not millions of American students.

What is your opinion? Would you suspend a student for not paying their student loans on time?

2 thoughts on “Pay Your Student Loans to be Able to Drive

  1. I think that if people have jobs, they should be able to pay their loans on time. I think it’s not a good idea to persecute people for buying into the idea that they have to pay too much to go to school to get “respect” and status, only to hang them out to dry in the job market when they graduate. x

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