Ingestible Passwords are Coming Soon

How would it feel to have the ability to open up an account through a piece of technology embedded in your brain, skin, or stomach? These implants would never need batteries because our bodies provide the energy needed to run these micro/nanomachines. In fact, our stomach acidity and body heat have enough energy to run these components.

Afterall, it sounds like a pretty good idea. Forgetting passwords would never become a reality and our short term memories will thank us for it. We also wouldn’t be having this complicated talk on identity theft.

As we take a long term approach at this issue, many questions arise. For example, would this type of technology be limited to those who are wealthy or would it be mandatory to everyone in the world?

It would be interesting to see something like this become a fundamental right/freedom. It would basically become the freedom and right to have your information (literally)within you at all times.

Here’s another question; Would it become a procedure that everyone would have to get in their lifetime or could one live without one? I know for sure that as a technologically driven world, there would be immense pressure for people to get this type of procedure regardless of age, sex, and ethnicity.

How Crime Could Shift

As the form of passwords shift, forms of crime could also change. Kidnappings and murders could take place instead of identity theft. This might ultimately change how criminals think and respond to theft and information retrievement. On the other hand, individuals who still use the old school method of cards might be more vulnerable to crime. As of now, this is a tough issue and there doesn’t seem to be a clear answer.

Society must also be ready to face new obstacles if this type of technological breakthrough happens.


If this type of procedure was available to you, free of charge, would you get one? I want to hear your thoughts and opinions.

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