A Meeting With an Astronaut

Today, I had an interesting chance to receive some insightful commentary on being a leader. A small group of leaders and representatives had a chance to have a meeting with Robert Thirsk, a Canadian engineer and a former Canadian space agency astronaut.

During his short stay, he had a chance to talk about his experience on how to become a better leader and team member. There were some things that I wanted to highlight and I’m sure that we can benefit from it.

1. Have an eye for detail is important because your reputation will depend on it. Everyone has a reputation and it is valuable.

2. Work your hardest because your school, family, and strangers will depend on it. Not only does it makes you look good but it also inspires others.

3. There is no such thing as a balance of life and work when you’re a leader. Leaders will always have something that they’ll need to accomplish.

4. You can still learn and grow up to be a leader even if you’re not a naturally born leader.

5. Invite admirable leaders to talk and to show acts of leadership. This can promote leadership within kids, teens and it might also help adults.

6. Make sure to be a good follower so you can better anticipate a leader’s actions.

Hopefully, we can all learn something from these quick tips and opinions from Robert Thirsk.

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