Intro To Dumpster Diving


It’s the old school method of information theft and it still works. It rarely happens in broad daylight because it can sometimes cause unwanted attention. Professional dumpster divers are the only exception  because their intent is to reuse or recoup new items.

Once again, just because someone is going through someone else’s junk, doesn’t mean that they’re identity fraudsters. The majority of the dumpster divers are looking to profit off of recyclable items.

There has been some controversy to whether criminals still dumpster dive to attain personal information. Most criminals have moved their schemes to the online world and by doing so, online softwares have come out to prevent online theft. However, dumpster diving still occurs and there are still hundreds of cases of identity theft.

As we take a look at dumpster diving, we need to be aware of our progress at protecting ourselves. Some of the actions that we are already taking are useful at preventing identity theft. Using a paper shredder is the best option to eliminate reduce the chances of identity theft.

There are also other methods of disposing paper such as water mixing and backyard decomposing but they don’t stand a chance to traditional paper cutters.

According to a 1988 Supreme Court ruling, when a person throws something out, that item is now in public domain.

There will be more posts coming your way. I will be discussing more about paper shredders and tips on purchasing the ideal paper shredder for both personal and commercial use.

Have you experienced any incidents with dumpster divers in your neighborhood?

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