It Strikes Again

It is not the game that makes people addicts, it’s the underlying issues that force people to spend countless hours in front of the screen.

Teens are susceptible to videogame addiction. Most people think that it’s the fun nature of the game that gets people hooked. I’m no expert on videogame addiction but I’ve seen the negative impact that it has on a person.

Most assume that these videogamers are experts at their game because they spend so much time but I think it’s the other way around. Just because you play something for hours doesn’t mean that you’re good at it.

Some people play videogames in order to escape the problems that they have in real life. When you mix the hardships of school with the malleability of the teenage brain, you can get a volatile response.

So in order to relieve the problem, administrators need to tackle issues within the school such as bullying, stress, drug abuse, and peer pressure. Of course, it’s not an easy thing to do but when some of these issues are solved, we’ll see drastic changes on how and why students play videogames.

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