Playing Tennis in Canada

Tennis is not an easy sport. Especially if you’re living in Canada. The long winters  are an obstacle when you’re trying to search for a court, unless you’re willing to spend $40 an hour to rent an indoor one.

Here is my list when it comes to playing tennis in Canada.

Lack of Tennis Courts
Canada has hockey rinks and mountains with plenty of skiing routes. However, they lack tennis courts. With no demand, there’ll be no more courts.

If you’re an amateur like me, you’ll have troubles facing the wind. When I’m playing tennis, I feel like a hopeless maniac tossing a ping pong ball against a fan. In fact, the ball barely passes the net. It’ll eventually come to the point that you and your partner are going to end up volleying in front of the net for hours.

Unless you’re a pro who can reach speeds up to 90km/h with your shots and serves, you’ll have difficulties facing the wind.

Finding An Opponent
Most people I know are willing to play tennis even if they’ve never held a racket before. However, they never return to the sport. They never want to admit that it was too hard, instead, they tell me that they were uninterested.

Nowadays, I roam the streets begging people to come and play tennis. Kids and adults are all welcome.

Finding A court with a Net
Great! You’ve found a tennis court. Unfortunately, there’s no net. How could this be possible? Well, it all boils down to the long winter season. If you’re looking to play in January or February, you won’t have much luck finding a court with a net. If there is a net, it’ll most likely be an awkwardly looking loose net.

Short Summers
Winter is over and you’re able to play. The strong Chinook wind deters you from going outside. Before you know it, winter arrives and dumps 3 feet of snow on the court. Looks like you’ll have to wait for the next season.

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