Ready to be a Fashion Designer

Front Shot

A while ago, I finished up a top/piece of clothing. The results were surprisingly good because it was my second attempt of creating something that was hand sewn. I think the zebra pattern was an appealing choice and it ultimately added some sense of style to the piece. I’m not too fond of the current fashion style but I’m sure it consists of patterns(vague).

Seams and folded edges

I tried to fold the edges in but then decided to add a small patch instead.
It created a nice uniformed edge. To make it less prone to damage, the edge of the sides were cut. (Sorry for the lack of terminologies, I’m hoping to expand my knowledge in the next few years).

The back of the piece is simple. Some improvements would include the increasing of the size of the shoulders.

Back shot

I’m looking forward to making some more pieces. There’s a lot that you can learn in a piece of clothing.

11 thoughts on “Ready to be a Fashion Designer

    1. It’s not really something that you would wear in public. You could but you would have to match it with pants. I went out a couple of times in a full zebra patterned, head to toe outfit and I received some polarized impressions.

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      1. You can do that if you want. It’s called “making a statement.” I have a zebra patterned scarf. It’s beautiful to look at but I can’t wear it around my neck. It just washes me out. So I tie it around my bag strap. Better effect. Good luck with your next project. x

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