Ready to be a Real Estate Agent


The garage offers enough space for two family sized cars. This house is perfect for newlyweds wanting to move in.


The first floor offers a spacious family room. The spiral stairs are hidden from view in a room which makes the design very simple and elegant.


The second floor has a spacious living room and one huge room with a small window. The walkout balcony is luxurious and provides owners a stunning view of the west.


The back of the house has a simple design. However, a back door could be built.


The bird’s eye view shot is visually stunning. The roof design is one of a kind and adds a sense of quality.

While the house still needs furnishing and internal work, the frame is sturdy and built to last a few years.

123 Backyard Hill NW, Canada

Land Size: 1600 sq in.
Living Space: 1500 sq in.
Bedroom: 2
Bathroom: 1
Rooms: 1+
Age of Building: 2015
Status: For Sale/Active
Building Type: Single Family
Level: 2

$600,000 $30
$1/month lease on a 1 year contract.

…I think I’m ready to be a real estate agent 😉

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