Madonna(and Other Mothers In the Hood) – Sketch

This week, Lupe Fiasco released a music video and the delivery was unexpected. Through some simple lyric analysis, we’ve figured out the message of the song. There were some powerful religious connotations and correlations to current day violence and injustice. It was hard to artistically visualize the message as a music video. Fortunately, things came… Read More Madonna(and Other Mothers In the Hood) – Sketch


When it comes to paying tuition and debt, joining the army is a solution. However, it’s not the best plan if your sole intention is to pay off debt. I feel that too many students are making the mistake of enlisting just for financial reasons. There’s more than money when it comes to the military.


A couple of tiny drops And 18 attempts of opening my lock The fact that I received the drops only to realize that the surgeon wasn’t going to check my eyes made matters worse. However, I’m glad that things are going well with my eyelids. This is something I’ll be talking about in my next… Read More Dilated