Redefining: eSports


After watching the 5 part series of E-sports from Vice News, I started to question the definition of sports. The level of commitment and time that these professional gamers took were incredible. It’s an issue that effects millions of people and it can also go to the extent of impacting economies. Just like any other polarized issue, there are benefits and detriments.

One thing that non-gamers usually question is the legitimacy of internet gaming. Sponsors and coaches are usually present during tournaments and championships. However, this is when some people start to crossing the line between reality and virtuality.

One thing that I always ask myself is, “Should professional gaming be considered a sport?”

This is when gamers and casual gamers come into conflict. Opinions vary greatly depending on the age group and demographics. For example, a non-gamer who is surrounded by gamers might have a different outlook than a person who has barely touched videogames.

My personal opinion is that professional gaming should not be considered a sport. Right now, some consider gaming a sport but as time progresses, the definition of “sport” should be updated and revised. As new technology arises, there are many things that we should revise and that includes sports. Many argue that professional gaming takes strategy just like soccer and tennis and it certainly does. But some go to the point of saying that professional gamers have dexterity and physical advantages and that is when I think people are crossing the line.

One of the hardest things to watch is when these gamers admit that they have no other career path if gaming fails. But the same applies to jobs that are decreasing in employment but with those type of jobs, background education is already is established. On the other hand, these gamers invest over 80 hours a week just to play a single game. Those numbers are bizarre to non-gamers and casual gamers.

I have been a gamer myself but I stopped playing months ago because I didn’t have the time. There are studies saying that playing an hour of video games a day increases the well-being of students. So gaming isn’t always something that should be belittled. But after seeing the detriment that video game addiction had on relationships, I started to stigmatize gaming culture. With that being said, everyone is biased especially when talking about the gaming industry and it’s really hard to find the “right” answer.

This can be a topic that continues forever and with studies approving and disapproving videogames. However, us(consumers) have the freedom to pursue what we want. So there shouldn’t be any discrimination stopping one from pursuing a career involving professional gaming.

What is your opinion on professional gaming or just the gaming industry in general?

And are videogames considered a sport?

4 thoughts on “Redefining: eSports

    1. Awesome! I’m sure that the class will come up with innovative opinions. We need to start getting everyone thinking about those questions and it’s great to start it off with children. Thanks!


  1. One of my classmates during hiigh school is now a full time professional gamer. When I asked him before what’s his opinion on his profession, he said that it’s simply “work”. This may sound cynical but I agree with him. And he also said that he didn’t consider what he’s doing a sports.

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