Double Double “i” Lid

Some get it because of societal pressures. Some just want to feel better about their image and there are those who do it for medical purposes.

About one in five women in Seoul, South Korea have undergone some kind of cosmetic surgery and the rates are increasing every year. This is thought to be the cause of South Korea’s booming music industry. However, that’s just one speculation/reason but it’s valid because hundreds of people come into the clinics with a picture of their favourite k-pop artist or celebrity.

Due to the large number of people wanting to get their eyelids done, there are surgeons specifically trained to deal with blepharoplasty or most commonly known as upper eyelid surgery. There are benefits to this because surgeons become very skilled because they’re doing the same task over and over again so they basically become specialized at their profession. Unlike in North America where surgeons are trained to complete a variety of plastic surgery procedures on the face. Therefore thousands of people travel to Korea or countries in Asia just to get their surgery done.

And no, I didn’t travel to Korea to get mine done. Here’s my story.

Up until a year ago, I never knew double eyelid procedures existed. After my mom told me what it was, I did some research and some of the images that I found were pretty disturbing. After that incident, I carefully considered if I should continue on with the procedure. However, I couldn’t refuse the surgery because my discomfort and pain would continue because some of the problem that my eyelashes would go into my eyes. So that briefly answers why I got a double eyelid surgery but the whole process was lengthy and it took about 10 months to get everything sorted out. The doctor who did my surgery was very kind and knowledgeable on the issue so everything went smoothly and I’m greatly thankful for that.

If “i” didn’t have a problem with my eyes, would I have even started this post? Most likely not. However, it has shined light on the issue of appearance and the struggle of different cultures to look alike. As I said before, some do it for medical reasons and I understand that but there is a clear line between health and appearance. I also understand that there is more societal pressure for women than men but that doesn’t get rid of the issue. Unfortunately, there will always be people wanting to fit in but there will always be ways to help those who aren’t comfortable in their own skin.

Have you had any similar experiences relating to personal image? Feel free to share your opinion on this post.

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