A little friend for my big giraffe

Sketchbook of a GPS Artist

Strava elephant by Stephen Lund on the streets of Victoria BC garmin gps art cycling cyclist bicycle elephant animals For my Strava elephant, I managed to incorporate a feature of the landscape (Swan Lake) as part of the picture.

The big giraffe I Strava-doodled last weekend has created quite a stir. After I posted it on Reddit, my blog views jumped from 59 on Tuesday to nearly 12,000 on Wednesday. Today it showed up on Peleton Magazine’s Facebook page and, a few hours later, Strava plugged it in a Tweet and on their Facebook page as “one of the most creative pieces of Strava art we’ve seen…”

I’m hoping my follow-up Strava art effort isn’t too anticlimactic!

For today’s elephant sketch, I tried a new technique – namely, incorporating a feature of the landscape as an integral part of the picture (i.e., Swan Lake as the elephant’s eye).

I think it worked quite well.

See it on Strava

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