Uncooperative – Hanging On


The worst part of group work is when your group members stereotype you as the ‘smart one’.

Which gives them the inclination to slack off and assume the ‘smart one’ will handle all of their problems.

So this time, for personal and blogging purposes, I decided to log my hours of work on a certain project. So far, my total time working on the project equated to 11.6 hours. Next came a friend totaling 3.7 hours. Another member with 1.2 hours and another with 46 minutes and finally, the last member who imputed 8 minutes of work.

In other words, I’m hanging on.

Unfortunately, this has become a norm for me. Allowing others to act like this is starting to be unacceptable. In a couple of years, the real world will become a harsh lesson.

Let’s not hope that happens. Let’s reinforce these students with value and integrity. With realistic motives that will make them considerate and hard working. And with goals that will help others as a result…. It’s all a wish during these times.

Next in the series: Is It Worth It?

3 thoughts on “Uncooperative – Hanging On

  1. To put a positive pin on this – your ‘work’ (not sure I can call them that given their input!!) mates are in for a big shock when they have to get a job! You, on the other hand, are very well prepared! Hope the teachers know / have realised the effort split!!

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