Our Education System NEEDS to Change(CBE)


“Students are full of potential”
That’s a tough statement to ignore when more than 60% of your class has failed both math and science during the first half of the school year.

To compensate for that loss, teachers give 2 weeks for students to bring their marks back up. That’s when 60% of the class is given a chance to make up for their loss. While the 40% remaining are left with no learning plan or homework.

In the end, they basically try to help students at the expense of other students. The school has become a joke or an oxymoron.

Our school was also criticized during its opening for having something called “teddy bear teaching.” The comment section displays a variety of opinions ranging from angry students to ignorant parents.

One thing that I’m concerned about is the ignorance of the parents. Sometimes it’s the system’s fault because of the lack of transparency.  Sometimes I think the teachers let students take re-tests because they don’t want to deal with angry parents calling in.

When your student gets re-tests over re-tests, there’s really nothing to be learned. It’s a detriment. It’s a waste of time. And it’s definitely deceiving the parents.

Let’s admit that the majority of the students are failing. It’s the truth. No more sugarcoating the truth with re-tests or a system to deceive students of the future that’s ahead of them.

The lack of transparency and stupid decision making is taking a toll on my education….

More posts coming


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