School Appropriate?


So my friend showed me this list that their English teacher handed out. It was a worksheet where you had to list the points based on their importance of being a good husband/wife. The whole purpose of this list was to help with an essay about marriage. Also, this sheet was for marks so you had to complete it. Keep in mind that this is in high school.

First of all, I think that this list was made for a marriage prep seminar and not for an English class in high school. Some of the points on the sheet are ridiculous such as the one about your friends being jealous. And the one about being a “good kisser”? Just put that under “sex appeal.” On the other hand, I know that this is just a list and students are already desensitized to things but I just felt that the teacher went a bit too far. However, I’m not saying that it’s bad to start thinking about your future partner but using something like this sheet is just trivial.

…Wait until your friend snatches your sheet and looks at your list of what your ideal future partner should look like.

So what do you think? Was this hand-out necessary? Let me know because I might be wrong.

8 thoughts on “School Appropriate?

  1. Interesting list, I do think it is a little off for a high-school class. Also why isn’t being trustworthy, having similar values, hardworking, a good communicator, good with kids, loyal or honest on the list? I am not married but I feel like those would be pretty important.

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  2. It’s inappropriate and to even write it down is awful. Has anyone complained about it? It’s not something you should have to be confronted with at the moment, and these values are completely upside down off if you’re looking for a good partner. What’s generosity and what should someone compromise on, for example. It seems to me that the teacher’s insecurities and fantasies are being imposed on the students. Very bad teacher.

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  3. This is an interesting list; not the list so much, but the process behind it…what the teacher is trying to explore with the class. Perhaps, they are trying to get the class thinking about how personalities and characteristics might adapt throughout marriage, children and time? Perhaps they are trying to get the class to think about what are truly important characteristics that last the test of time, as opposed to shallow characteristics that cause immediate attraction, but not a lasting relationship? I would hope that beyond listing it 1-20 that the class were encouraged to explore further. Interesting to know what happened after!

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