Technological Connections


The only thing I heard were weak static noises. Silence swallowed the whole room and the only sound came from my sister who was crying. I kind of missed hearing the annoying sounds made by the Furby.

The ears were ripped off and I could only attach the left ear back on. The eyes were monotone and blank. Water had seeped deep into the cracked rib cage. However, the electronic connection with the battery was intact but it only gave enough power to light the pixilated eyes.

On the Internet, there are countless number of videos of people shooting their Furby. On the other hand, I’ve never seen one dying like this. It’s unfortunate. This didn’t happen on purpose for Youtube fame or views. It was carelessly ripped apart and thrown into the tub.

You’re probably laughing or wondering what this post is about. The Furby did unfortunately break and I’m not upset that it did. However, I do feel bad for my sister because it wasn’t her fault.

This post does bring up some questions on how society will handle the “deaths” of robots or technology in the near future.

Did you ever have an emotional connection with a piece of technology?

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