Harsh Winds


We live in a world overrun by the consumption of gasoline. We always hear that wind power and other types of green energy production will be increased. That is true but when will we be able to see it?


2 thoughts on “Harsh Winds

  1. I like the density of the lines in your drawings. A sketch with a reflection is a brilliant concept and I always enjoy reading your opinions. Looks future illustrated A5 book-y to me. I’ll buy ten copies and sit on people’s desks until they read them. That question you asked at the end I’ve been asking for as long as you’ve been alive. Maybe it’s time you answered it by being that guy. I resent private data sellers getting to dictate government policy. I think a lot of people could be gainfully employed creating and sustaining these industries. Thanks for letting me rant on your blog. Warmest, SB

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