Canada’s Lack of Support For Young Tennis Players

Canadians praise almost every sport except for tennis(blanket statement). It’s understandable due to the Canadian weather and their shift of focus towards Winter Sports.

One controversial and popular upcoming tennis star is Eugenie Bouchard. I have mixed opinions on the upcoming of this “Canadian” tennis player. First of all, let’s not forget that she has had training outside of Canada starting at the age of 12. Before that, she has attended an all-girls private school.

So one question that I have is could there have been a successful young Canadian tennis player before Bouchard? There have been some but Genie was the first one to break all sorts of Canadian tennis records.

And could she have been successful if she stayed in Canada to do ALL her training? I don’t know yet if I should appreciate her achievements. I was going to continue this post as a rant but oh well, this is just a minor issue.

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