Please Don’t Think I’m Judgemental

You’ve probably heard people talk about how they’ve been judged. But have you given the chance to listen to someone who is judgemental? Especially if they’ve been blatantly accused and labeled as one. If you come across someone who is falsely accused of being judgmental, they most likely long for transparency, clarity, simplicity, and honesty from… Read More Please Don’t Think I’m Judgemental

Are Your Old Cars Being Used for Terrorism Related Purposes?

Looks like the owner of Mark-1 Plumbing is getting a new experience of the implications of globalization. After Mark-1’s Jeff Oberholtzer traded in his truck, it was later traded again in an auction. Apparently, it went all the way to Syria. Then it went into the hands of terrorist groups. Later, heavy weaponry was added onto the truck and… Read More Are Your Old Cars Being Used for Terrorism Related Purposes?

Best Worst Rappers 2014

Every year, artists proclaim their “wealth” and other materialistic things through their songs. Some songs make their way into the mainstream audience and others will be dissed by the public. So 2014 is almost over. What’s your favourite worst rapper. Comment if you have one!

O*(G+V+(w*.1)+(A*2.0)+S+V(1.5)) Language Difficulty Formula?

Most of us only know a couple of languages. We often question how hard a language is to learn before we start learning it. It’s also hard to take a survey on a language because there are so many factors and at the end of the day, only a correlation is made. So what does  O*(G+V+(w*.1)+(A*2.0)+S+V(1.5))… Read More O*(G+V+(w*.1)+(A*2.0)+S+V(1.5)) Language Difficulty Formula?