Not So Math”Smart”

A part of growing out of adolescence is finding out what worked and didn’t. Academically, MathSmart books had a  detrimental effect on my outlook on math. It may have improved my number skills but it was a disservice to my opinions on the subject.

A vast majority of students already disliked the subject. Everyone was just in it to pass. Later on, it seemed like a waste of time and some students thought it was counterproductive. This type of mindset is most likely detrimental to the teachers. In this situation, nobody wins.

3 thoughts on “Not So Math”Smart”

  1. This is good to hear, because I’ve got ‘good’ students for sons, and their teachers have suggested extracurricular stuff to keep them ahead of the curve, lest they get bored in class. I don’t want to sabotage their work in the future, though. Thanks for the insight.

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