Gifts Can Impact Relationships

Most of us are generous enough to give. But do we know what to give? We often make the mistake of giving our loved ones what we think they want. And that can end in disappointment or joy. It really is an unexpected bipolar outcome.

It’s a sad reality that gifts can ruin relationships. But at least we’re giving and I think that is what matters the most.

3 thoughts on “Gifts Can Impact Relationships

  1. I’ve found (within any budget) when I think about the person’s daily routine, I try to add a little bit of luxury to it, something cute like a custom designed t-shirt or a travel mug with the person’s favorite comic, band, show.. wtv..Something that shows that you thought about them, and got something special, so even if theirs is more expensive, yours has thought and effort. Trial and (many) errors has that me this! I totally agree, gifts can definitely impact a relationship; for the better or not. Sorry for the long comment!

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