Negativity Towards our Kids? – Survey Opinion

After looking through the endless choices of career paths, I came across an interesting and shocking article. An article relating to the medical field. More specifically, it was a report on a survey.

One of the survey results showed that only 6 percent of doctors were happy with their job. That left 94 percent of doctors dissatisfied or unhappy with their job. This was only according to one survey but the ratio of likes and dislikes resembled a lack of balance.

If the majority of doctors were unhappy then what kind of message does this send to students around the world?  Do they even know about this? Maybe some students who’ve  already read this are deterred from becoming doctors. Hopes are crushed, dreams are ruined and only the persistent make it out alive.

Not only is this news concerning to those in the medical field, it’s also important to note its effect on the lives of students. To find more about this study, check out the Forbes article.

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