Not So Math”Smart”

A part of growing out of adolescence is finding out what worked and didn’t. Academically, MathSmart books had a  detrimental effect on my outlook on math. It may have improved my number skills but it was a disservice to my opinions on the subject. A vast majority of students already disliked the subject. Everyone was just in… Read More Not So Math”Smart”

Adolescence and Far Fetched Association to Racial Tensions

My sister enjoys changing her Lego Friends figurines. It’s a cute thing to watch as she changes the legs, heads, and torso. The three sets shown in the picture are completed without hesitancy. The minute she turns on the TV, stories on racial stereotypes, killings, and beatings overwhelm her. She turns off the TV and… Read More Adolescence and Far Fetched Association to Racial Tensions


Not everyone wakes up in a warm home to find a handful of presents underneath the Christmas Tree. Let’s not forget those who are longing for a lost one, lonely, struggling, and fearful. Despite the sorrows, I hope everyone can find some inner peace today.