Civil Asset Forfeiture aka Robbery – Too Excessive?

It’s one of those controversial civil laws. Whether the police uses it fairly, there’s always some unnecessary punishment associated. Lately, Mr. Connelly spoke about cops in his jurisdiction who were eager to confiscate suspects “exotic vehicle” outside a local bar. It’s fine if police officers are confiscating stolen vehicles but it just seems like cops… Read More Civil Asset Forfeiture aka Robbery – Too Excessive?

Taxi Driver – Chronic insomnia (Art)

The director’s intent to portray Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro) as an “avenging angel” crusading around New York was also intended to represent other cities. Inspired by the degradation of the night-time in the city, Travis took matters into his own hands. Some failed attempts to help some individuals, influenced him psychologically. Furthermore, he was determined… Read More Taxi Driver – Chronic insomnia (Art)


It was originally called Armistice Day to memorialize the armistice agreement that ended the WWI. The first Remembrance Day was held on November 11, 1931. Also, more than 1,500,000 Canadians risked their lives to serve our country and more than 118,000 sacrificed their lives along the way. I am deeply and profoundly grateful that there are… Read More 11-11

Death in Heaven – Doctor Who Season 8 Finale

After waiting a week from last episode’s cliff-hanger, it has officially come. The last episode of season 8 has arrived with anticipation. This was the final part of last week’s episode, “Dark Waters.” All I can say about this episode is that there has been substantial sacrifices and the ending was bitter-sweet. The beginning of the… Read More Death in Heaven – Doctor Who Season 8 Finale