Snow Days – Canada vs America

If you go to school in Canada, you only get around one or two snow days in a school year. In my experience, I’ve only had to stay home once every four years. It also depends on where you live in Canada but you get the point that there aren’t many snow days given out to students.

As you hop the Canadian/U.S border into America, things start to change. First of all, snow days increase dramatically. So dramatically that some schools have to change their system to only allow 5 snow days per year. For example, Ohio schools had to change their system to use “hours” to add up their school year. Just because snow days were ruining their system too frequently.

There are lots of discrepancies as you head down South and into America. Some factors to consider include budget and population. Maybe Canadians are just better prepared or administrators don’t care about the safety of children. Whatever it is, things are about to change as global warming impacts various parts of the world and starts disturbing natural weather changes.

For all I know, I don’t want Canadian weather to get any colder.

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