Tennis ≠ Basketball

It’s hard to play basketball when all you’ve been taught is to move out-of-the-way to avoid the opponent or to move to the side to hit the ball.

Racket sports require the use of a racket. So most of the time, your dominant hand is gripping the racket so you mostly play with one hand except for serving.

Unlike basketball where your whole arms and hands matter including your fingers. Then comes the tricks to bypass your opponent and then finally, the ability to take a shot.

In tennis, you just hope the ball hits the racket at the right angle and goes across the net. However, tennis has a steeper learning curve than basketball or even another racket sport such as badminton.

So here I am playing basketball because I didn’t have a choice. However, my footwork is pretty good because I’ve played squash and racquetball. My agility is succinct with other players. But when it comes to ball control and defending…  don’t get me started on that.

While I still think tennis and other racket sports are superior to basketball, I’ll still need some practice in basketball to enjoy the full game.

Meanwhile, check out why tennis is better than basketball.

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