Civil Asset Forfeiture aka Robbery – Too Excessive?

It’s one of those controversial civil laws. Whether the police uses it fairly, there’s always some unnecessary punishment associated.

Lately, Mr. Connelly spoke about cops in his jurisdiction who were eager to confiscate suspects “exotic vehicle” outside a local bar.

It’s fine if police officers are confiscating stolen vehicles but it just seems like cops are excited at the fact that a crime is happening. However, the cops haven’t even identified if the suspect is guilty. It’s only suspicion so the cops could be taking someone else’s property for no reason. Then it starts affecting unnecessary civilians and then it sparks controversy and conflict.

So is it fair that police officers are doing this? This would be called a “robbery” if a random citizen committed this type of act. On the contrary, police officers who do it, call it an act of civil asset forfeiture.

We should always be reflecting the actions of authoritative figures. Due to the fact that we elect these people to serve us. At the end of the day, we should trust those authoritative figures but we shouldn’t be scared to judge them as well.

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