Coming soon – Sacha Baron Cohen (Art)

Sacha Baron’s last performance was in Anchorman 2 however he wasn’t much of a main character.

It’s been quite a long time since we have had Cohen taking a leading role. After playing in “The Dictator”, Cohen took some time off and played some other roles.

Since then, many of his fans missed his Borat days and his other comedic characters. All of his characters were unique considering the different accents and settings.

So where has he been? Has he run out of new ideas? I certainly hope not after his great performance in Les Misérables.

Fortunately, Cohen is coming out with a movie in 2015. It’s also a completely new character. There hasn’t been much information leaked yet.

In essence,  it’s about an idiotic football fanatic(Sacha Baron Cohen), whose brother is a British black-ops spy. Additionally, the movie is called “Grimsby.”

There’s still lots of time until July 31, 2015, which is the release date. Just like any other Sacha Baron comedy movie, I expect to get some value out of it.

Until then, I’m just going to sit back and watch some clips of Brüno, Ali G, and Borat. Which all of those movies heavily supported Cohen as a successful actor and comedian.

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