Death in Heaven – Doctor Who Season 8 Finale

After waiting a week from last episode’s cliff-hanger, it has officially come. The last episode of season 8 has arrived with anticipation.

This was the final part of last week’s episode, “Dark Waters.” All I can say about this episode is that there has been substantial sacrifices and the ending was bitter-sweet. The beginning of the episode might have been a bit boring but the ending was important and sad if you’ve watched the eleven previous episodes.

I’m looking forward to the next season. There are still questions left to be answered. In conclusion, Peter Capaldi was a pretty good doctor and Jenna Coleman made a great assistant. If you haven’t watched this episode then you should. I’d recommend watching the previous episodes if you haven’t so you can get a better understanding of the ending. This might have been the most emotional episode this season but it’s fair to say that it has been an interesting and sad ending.

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