Jake Gyllenhaal May be the next Ryan Gosling (Sketch)

As someone who is oblivious to the film industry, I was a bit curious when I randomly came across a video review for “Nightcrawler”. As I watched the trailer, it reminded me of “Drive” featuring Ryan Gosling. it gave me that same nostalgic feeling when I first watched Drive.

Immediately, I went to the theaters and watched it. It was only a two-hour film, not too long or too short. It was worth my money but maybe my hopes were too high. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good film that had an underlying message relating to modern society. However, after watching Drive, it was a bit disappointing. One of the good things about the movie were the acting. The dialogue was clever and interesting. It ultimately made it up for the lack of music (soundtrack).

This was just a quick sketch of the cover art. Lou Bloom, the main character portrayed by Gyllenhaal wearing his black Ray Bans. With his shades reflecting the skyline of L.A. At the end of the day, I would recommend this movie for its interesting plot and acting.

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