Turning my Weakness Into a Strength (Political Cartoon)

I have created a political cartoon using the words, wall, tall, and fall. Everyday in Art class, we were required to draw a daily drawing which was a small doodle from a given theme. So those three words were the theme for the day. Other kids had a literal approach to their drawings. Some consisted of buildings while others drew animals such as giraffes. They always seemed to have at least two of the words incorporated into their drawings but they always had one word displaced. By looking at others’ progress before I started mine, it helped me come up with an idea. I asked myself, “How could I incorporate all three of the words?” This was where my weakness turned into a strength.

I used to be one of the best artists in my classes but that all depended on the medium I used and the type of art that I constructed. Loose drawings and abstract type of art with pencil used to be my strength. Other types such as manga and realistic drawings such as animals were a bit more difficult. It just didn’t come as naturally to me. So it was fair to say that some other kids were better than me. Insightfulness and importance was another thing that I wanted my daily drawing to have. So what popped up into my mind was the rising student loan debt that was happening all across the world but more specifically in the U.S.

First of all, I knew that the student loan debt was rising rapidly. So a synonym for “rising” was “tall”. Finally, I got the first word covered in my idea. On the contrary, the words, “wall” and “fall” were still left over. Obviously, the student loan debt was a transnational crisis due to the restrictions and high cost of education. So I realized that “restriction” and “wall” had a common theme. As a result, I got the word, “wall” covered in my idea as well.

wall A brick wall was a great representation of the Student Loan Crisis.

Last but not least, “fall”. This was the trickiest word yet. First of all, “fall” reminded me of commitment and risk. Risk was always associated with education because it was essentially investing four or more years of your life into a specific career. With risk, also came commitment because you were literally spending thousands of dollars in education. And who knows if you are going to find a job after you graduate. Before I knew it, the word “fall” was well incorporated into my plan of my drawing.

falling-151850_640 Falling represented the commitment of students.

It all unfolded in front of my eyes as I added a “tall” stack of money which also represented a “wall”. As well as a person falling which clearly incorporated the word “fall”.  For the finishing touches, I added some basic shadowing and I also bolded the lines to make it look more like a cartoon.

My daily drawing was finally finished. Instead of drawing something literal and realistic, I used simple metaphors and synonyms to sketch out my idea. All there was left for me to do was to construct and assemble my ideas. Finally, my daily drawing was finished and I was able to move on.

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