I Felt Like a Nurse With My Injured Friend

One second, I was trailing behind my friend’s bike going down a weak descent. The next second, he was on the floor injured with a harsh road rash on his arms and legs.

I just thought to myself, “What was that? Was that even a fall? If it was, that was the lamest fall that I have ever seen in my whole bike riding experience.”

Right away, I stopped and leaned my bike against the nearest fence, adjacent to where he fell. My friend didn’t have the power to stand up so I had to help him with that. During all of this, I was reassuring my friend who had some serious road rashes on his left elbow and knee. He told me that he was “fine” and he apologized to me for falling. First of all, there wasn’t any reason for him to apologize. It was the other way around. He should’ve apologized to himself for making the decision to fall. To be honest, that fall was so lame that it was a decisive move.

All of a sudden, my friend started to lose unconsciousness and he had trouble seeing. Also, his skin started turning pale. Right away, I felt something wasn’t right. I told him to go lay down on the grass right next to the sidewalk but he just sat on the cement sidewalk and laid down. C’mon, you’re already injured and now you’re obstructing public pass ways? Anyways, that wasn’t much of a concern because nobody was walking on the sidewalks. Then I proceeded to give him my sunglasses for protection from the sun. It started working. He started to regain consciousness and a sense of vision.

Finally, I went back to his bike to retrieve his water bottle. I proceeded to force feed him with water because he had trouble moving his arms. At this point, I felt like a Good Samaritan and a nurse. On the other side, what other choice did I have? His injuries didn’t seem that serious to call an ambulance and I couldn’t have just left him. Later on, I had to deal with pushing his bike and walking with him for four kilometers but that story is for another day. At that moment, I was surrounded with a feeling of peacefulness as I was with my one and only patient, which was my friend.

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