Dust Cloud Bed – The Future of Sleep on Mars

Advancements of Beds

After the hardand stressful work that astronauts put in while exploring Mars. It is essential that they get good adequate rest which is sleep. With the advanced technology that we already have and will gain in years, luxurious technological systems could be provided as well as to improve the quality of sleep.

The bed which hasn’t gotten a specific price is estimated to be less than 1.5 million dollars. To start off with the simple necessity of the bed, it will have a thin layer of mattress, quality sheets, and a pillow. To add some complexity and comfort to the mattress, it will have technological design to support and rehabilitate the spinal chord and back from the decompression of the spinal cord from the weaker gravity. This also means that it would be easier for the sheets to lift and fall off so to solve that problem is to have a securing for these sheets. So there will be two mechanical bearings on each side of the bed that will hold the sheets and bring it across the bag. This will help with the snugness and security of the sheets and covers to prevent them from slipping and falling. This is also an excellent way to maintain heat and prohibit any heat loss. Also, the sheets are specially fabricated for better ventilation so heat could be properly monitored and maintained. On the other hand, changing the sheets would not be a problem because there is a separate compartment below the bed and near the feet where the extra clean covers are stored. Additionally, keeping the bed sanitary could prevent the spread of bacteria or unknown diseases, etc. Last but not least, the pillow is shaped to support the head and to protect it from rolling off the bed. For extra perks, there are hifi ultra-thin speakers embedded into the pillow to cancel/produce sounds to provide the ultimate sleeping experience. The speakers could also act as an alarm or an alert system. An interesting system introduced is the LED light monitors to produce blue and red lights to activate or stimulate the mind. Red light helps people sleep while blue light helps keep the mind active. It is all about how our brain intercepts these messages. Just like any other hospital bed, ¼ of the top of the bed can be inclined. These are the simple necessities that the bed can provide but with more options, there will be more capabilities of the ultimate sleeping machine.

3D view of the bed.
3D view of the bed.

Dimensions: Twin Size Bed+ Also available in other bed sizes.

Height: from floor 44cm to 80cm

The breakthrough of advanced technological systems can aid the bed through its process of helping people sleep faster and conveniently. With so many functions and capabilities, there will be ways that it can be controlled. Of course, there will be a monitoring system which will be the holographic glass screen with reinforced support from the side. This 0.98m by 0.25m screen above the pillow will have a default height of 23cm from the pillow but can be adjusted. The monitor, apart from providing entertainment can also provide settings to adjust heating/cooling system underneath the mattress. As well as changing sheets, speakers, and a small desk protruding from the side of the bed. There may be more options to come in the near future or for extra money but it will stay the same at the moment of this concept. All this technology will need powering so while this bed is not in use, it will be charged through the 3 electrical ports on the side of the bed, near the monitor. So when nigh time comes, the bed will be charged and ready to be dispatched.

Unlike any other bed, it will be floating due to magnetism. This way, it could save space in the station, easier movement, ease of adjustments, and easier storage when it is not in use. Gravity would not be a problem because it would help with the repelling of the magnets therefore less power from the magnets is needed. Interestingly, the magnetism could also act as a box spring mattress so it can be fluctuating whenever there is weight on top of it. In fact, the gravity in Mars is only 37% of Earth’s which is significantly less. Another reason why this bed is the best choice is because it is space efficient. You could store bed sheets, items underneath, and also into a compartment on the side of the bed. This all means a reduction in resources to build the bed, which leads to weight efficiency. To prevent unnecessary movement, the bed could also be attached to stable structures with the two concave hinges on the side. In conclusion, this could be a starting point to all levitating beds and machines.

Why spend billions? It is to promote new ideas and to stay away from the conventional and the simplistic idea of the traditional beds that we use at home. This is the start of a new life in a new planet so why not try something creative? More importantly, sleeping is one of the most important parts of our lives, and it is important to monitor our REM (rapid eye movement) so we can utilize our rest usefully. Mars has an extra forty minutes and that can mess up our sleeping process so it is important to utilize our sleeping time effectively. With the advanced monitor that could measure heart rate, blood level, and brain movement, these data can also help analyze sleeping patterns. Consequently, it is giving consumers the knowledge about their sleeping routines to maximize their proficiency. I strongly believe that this bed will be the perfect choice for astronauts and future space tourists to use in Mars.

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