School Vending Machines Are Robbing Us!

Everyday at lunch, my friend passes by the vending machine in our school to purchase a $2 canned drink. It’s just regular juice, non carbonated. On some days, he would purchase 2 but that’s only on certain occasions. For the past month and a half at school, he’s been buying a drink everyday. So $2 everyday, times that by 5 days a week. At the end of the week, that’s about $10 spent on drinks alone. That accumulates to about $30 a month. Now times that by 5 months. It becomes a total of $150. If you ask me, that’s a lot for a two dollar drink.

I should take my friend to Costco one day and he’ll be amazed at how much money he could save. Buying in bulk is not being greedy, it’s being smart. Once again, this is just for the drinks. Imagine buying pre-made food in bulk. That would save me hundreds of dollars annually. Then with that saved money, I could buy gas for the car and take all of my friends to Costco. Everyone will benefit from buying in bulk now. At the moment, my friend will continue to spend tens and hundreds of dollar to the school vending machine.

After all, my friend isn’t the only one buying drinks on a daily basis. Hundreds of students pass by that same vending machine and dish out hundreds of dollars. I conclude that vending machines are the richest thing on Earth. Whether they are in schools or on the streets, they will always have an endless income of cash flowing into them.

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